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In recent years, various digital devices such as smartphones, PCs, and digital home appliances have become indispensable in our lives.

With the progress of the IoT society, where people and things are closely connected, there is a demand for high-quality, large-capacity data communication within or between devices.

Through the evolution of high-speed interfaces that serve as infrastructure for data transmission,

  we support the evolution of IoT devices and contribute to the realization of a smart society.

That is the mission of Nuvoton.

Nuvoton makes it possible to shorten the development period and facilitate manufacturing by providing innovative high-speed interface products ,revolutionize the customer's value chain, and contribute to  realize high value-added products with high connection performance.


Company Strength


High-speed interface technology cultivated over 20 years


  • System technology/know-how that realizes high-quality connectivity in the market
  • Analog technology that realizes ultra-high-speed transmission of 48 Gbps
  • Board design technology that achieves low power supply noise and low EMI noise

Nuvoton has been developing various high-speed interface products since 1995.

The HDMI, DisplayPort, and USB ICs we have developed have a proven track record in a wide range of fields, including AV receivers, game consoles, VR, and switchers.

Utilizing the technology we have cultivated in this process, we will continue to provide high-speed interface products that enable even higher speed, large-capacity communication, and high connectivity quality.

Major achievements of Nuvoton's high-speed interface


      ✓ Top-class share in the industry for HDMI2.0/HDMI2.1 single ICs   

      ✓ Offered in a wide range of fields such as AV receivers, game   

         consoles, and VR

      ✓ Cumulative shipments, 370 million units




USB4® Re-Timer


We have commercialized the world’s first* USB4® Re-Timer with built-in e-Marker by using high-speed analog transmission technology (27 Gbps optical communication technology adopted by IEEE) that we have cultivated for over 20 years and system technology/know-how.                                                                 

By providing a Re-Timer for USB4 that brings together Nuvoton's technology, we will enhance the product appeal of our customers and contribute to the growing smart society.

                                                 *According to our investigation



USB4 Re-Timer


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