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We deliver battery management solutions to help customers design safer and longer lasting battery system: Utilizing unique semiconductor process, packaging and circuit-design technologies.



Battery Monitoring ICs 
Wide range of battery cell abnormalities and BMS failures can be detect by Nuvoton BM-ICs that include diagnosis and safety functions.High precision voltage measurement error help to extend the battery duration. Measuring up to 25 connected battery cells in series and BMS can be configured with smaller number of components for a high-voltage battery system with many battery cells connected in series, contributing to the miniaturization of the battery module.
Automotive qualified BM-ICs include redundant measurement system consisting duplicates of the battery cell input terminal, multiplexer, and AD converter in a single IC. It is equipped with more robust daisy communication function. This will enable automakers and battery module manufacturers to easily develop and design battery systems that comply with ISO26262 ASIL-D requirements.


Battery Monitoring ICs


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