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Nuvoton MFIDWB (Magnetic Field Identification) series W55MID50 supports selectable multi-level transmission power, programming base Control Register (CR) for W55MID15 single-tag ID or W55MID35 multi-tag IDs data recognition, serial-mode or parallel-mode uC interface, and power-down mode. The W55MID50 especially focus on toy, security, and consumer related applications.

The system applications with Nuvoton MFIDWB Tag series such as W55MID15 provides the single-tag bonding-ID solution for manufacture, which has 243 bonding-IDs can be selected for use. Besides the single-tag transponder, W55MID35 provides multi-tag transponder recognition function for intelligent and smart toy applications. Topically, 6 ~ 8 tags can be recognized in the same time as well as are located in the same reader antenna area. A special application for smart toy, W55MID35 supports both Repeated-ID mode and Unique-ID mode in operation.

W55MID50 provides a wide variety of applications for toy, security, and consumer market meanwhile the W55MID50 is the most cost effective solution for current MFIDWB related application market.