Smart Home Audio(325)

KM1M4BF Series


KM1M4BF Series MCU

Block Diagram

KM1M4BF Series-ver2

Outline Specification




  Arm® Cortex®-M4F core

    8 sets of motor & power control PWM

  Runs up to 120 MHz

    - Complementary PWM output

  Up to 264 KB Flash Memory for instruction

    - Dead time insert, Output shift

  Up to 32 KB Flash Memory for data

    - Duty cut, period cut

  Up to 16 KB SRAM

    - Synchronous ADC trigger

  Operating voltage: 2.9V ~ 5.5V


  14 sets of 16-bit timer

  Operating temperature: Tc= -40°C ~ +110°C


  Up to 7 sets of UART

  8-channel PDMA


  Up to 7 sets of I2C


    Up to 7 sets of SPI



  Up to 85 GPIO (LQFP100)




  3 sets of 12-bit 2 Msps ADC, up to 23-channel

    Memory ECC

  6 sets of 8-bit DAC

    Memory protection

  1 set of 10-bit DAC


  Clock monitoring

  2 sets of differential variable gain amplifier (VGA)


  ADC error detection

  4 sets of comparator


  Power supply voltage detection

KM1M4BF Series -pic-rev

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