Understand of nuvoton


Nuvoton highlights corporate sustainability and cares about employees’ training and development. Nuvoton believes talents make the key for the long-lasting success of a corporation.

  • We offer employees diverse and flexible training channels beyond time and boundary limitations.
  • We also help establish employees’ international vision and the capability of lifetime learning and it is our expectation that our employees can develop their multiple talents in different fields.


Training and Development


Nuvoton Buddy Program

Nuvoton understands that as a newcomer, you are as passionate as every partner in Nuvoton and cannot wait to know more about each other.

• Nuvoton Buddy System offers newcomers professional one-on-one training, from which newcomers are provided with various consultations in life and work. The emotional bond among employees is thus enhanced.

• We expect that you will fall in love with the Nuvoton family after learning about Nuvoton experiences from senior partners.

Nuvoton Cloud Learning

Nuvoton believes that you are an eager learner like us.

Nuvoton creates a friendly environment with cloud-based mobile applications, by which employees can efficiently access course information, if necessary, and join courses whenever and wherever they want, if available.


Nuvoton Overseas Training

Nuvoton believes that you have curiosity and imagination about the world like us.

• Nuvoton has set up cross-cultural subsidiaries all over the world and established projects that can provide employees with overseas training to broaden their vision.

• By taking training offered by subsidiaries, employees can experience international operations management and strengthen their capacities in global management.