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Understand of nuvoton


It is Nuvoton’s belief that every employee is the most important partner of the company. Nuvoton also believes that a healthy and energetic life style is the foundation stone of living. Nuvoton expects to offer a stage for employees to develop sound bodies and minds.
We provide independent workspaces and ergonomic office furniture.

  • We create a leisurely environment for employees to relax their bodies and minds. We are well equipped with a gymnasium, a library of inspiring periodicals and a restaurant and a café embraced by comfortable atmosphere.
  • We make contracts with more than 1500 business corporations located all over Taiwan, offering exclusive deals to you.
  • We collaborate with professional counseling associations and provide efficient service to release your stress from work.
  • We also provide service to help you enroll your children in kindergarten, elementary department and junior high school of the National Experimental High School at Hsinchu Science Park. We offer full assistance in every aspect of your work and life.


Nuvoton restaurant secures food taste and safety.
We understand food safety and diversity are your daily concerns. Nuvoton owns an employee restaurant run by a complete management system. You may choose to have meals at the restaurant or buy them at the convenience store inside Nuvoton.
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Nuvoton Employee ID Card offers you exclusive deals all over Taiwan.
Our employees love using their Nuvoton Employee ID cards whenever they shop. Next time when you shop, find out if the restaurant or shop is certified with a Nuvoton sticker. One sticker promises discounts.
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Nuvoton recreation clubs exercise your body and mind.
Here at Nuvoton, we have a triathlon club, a bicycle club, a badminton club and a yoga club etc. Come and establish a club of your own. We also offer you classes that help you quit smoking, lose weight, appreciate paintings and so forth. Each class promises you brilliant lessons.
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Story of the restaurant

To offer employees safe and complete meal services, Nuvoton is the first company at Hsinchu Science Park certified with HACCP(Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point). Here, safe, healthy and quality services are thus secured for employees. The company restaurant provides diverse meals such as rice and noodles to choose from. Quality services, such as 7-11 and Dante Coffee are available as well. With air conditioning and sterilization equipment for food utensils, the restaurant can accommodate more than 500 people at one time.

More about the special discount stores

We make contracts with more than 1500 corporations which can be classified into delicacies, arts, hotels and recreation etc.

An inspiration from clubs

To help employees stay healthy in body, mind and spirit, we encourage employees to establish clubs where they can gain balance between work and leisure time. We also expect that employees can establish habits to have regular leisure activities and take exercise.

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