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In the current year of industrial automation and intelligent internet, technological innovations continue to drive breakthroughs in the Human-Machine Interaction (HMI) domain. In light of this trend, we are honored to introduce the NuMicro® MA35D1 microprocessor – a microprocessor designed specifically for high-performance industrial HMI applications. This microprocessor not only demonstrates excellent technical specifications but also proves its outstanding performance in machine learning applications for conference room people counting, providing an effective solution for spaces requiring precise control over occupancy. 

The NuMicro MA35D1 microprocessor is based on a dual-core Cortex-A35 architecture, offering robust computing power with speeds up to 800 MHz, and comes equipped with 256 MB of DDR SDRAM, ensuring efficient and stable data processing. This exceptional hardware configuration allows the MA35D1 to easily handle complex data analysis and model computations, especially when using the NuEdgeWise Tool for training models, demonstrating great flexibility and accuracy.

In conference room people counting application, the MA35D1 microprocessor utilizes its high-performance computing capability and machine learning technology to accurately calculate the number of people in the room in real-time, providing an effective crowd management solution for spaces with occupancy limits. This feature not only enhances the efficiency and safety of conference room usage but also adds important technical support to smart building management systems. 

Moreover, the rich peripheral interfaces supported by the MA35D1 microprocessor, such as USB and HMI LCD, provide powerful connectivity and flexible user interaction methods for the people counting system. This ensures that the system can not only effectively perform its core functions but also offer an intuitive and convenient user experience.

The launch of the NuMicro MA35D1 microprocessor marks a solid step forward in our efforts to advance industrial HMI applications and smart space management. It not only reflects our leading position in microprocessor technology innovation but also shows our commitment to meeting market needs and providing innovative solutions. We look forward to the MA35D1 microprocessor demonstrating its exceptional performance in various smart application domains, bringing higher value and a better experience to users.

System developers are welcome to contact the Nuvoton team through Nuvoton AI webpage www.nuvoton.com/ai "Contact Us" form to explore the new value of endpoint AI together.

Watch the application design video: Meeting Room People Counting

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