【Endpoint AI】Voice Control Scope

In this thriving era of artificial intelligence (AI), developers can easily deploy Edge AI algorithms on edge devices. Keyword Spotting technology, using machine learning methods, enables microcontrollers to recognize human voice commands. By integrating voice control, these microcontrollers can execute specific operations based on these commands, providing users with a more intuitive and convenient interaction method. The practical application of this technology is wide-ranging, from household appliances to industrial control systems, all benefiting from the enhanced convenience and efficiency of voice control, especially in hands-free operation scenarios or where operational safety is paramount. As machine learning technology advances and microcontroller performance improves, we can anticipate that more devices will be able to understand and execute human voice commands, paving the way for a more intelligent and human-friendly mode of interaction. 

Nuvoton Arm® Cortex®-M4 M467 series microcontrollers demonstrate the powerful application potential of Keyword Spotting technology combined with voice control. These microcontrollers allow users to operate devices directly through voice commands, as showcased in the application of a voice-triggered oscilloscope. The oscilloscope responds to specific voice commands such as "Run," "Trigger," "Stop," "Zoom In," and "Zoom Out," streamlining the measurement process and enhancing efficiency and intuitiveness. 

The key to enabling this functionality lies in Nuvoton's NuEdgeWise tool, which provides developers with a convenient platform for training and deploying machine learning models tailored for Keyword Spotting applications. With this tool, developers can quickly train models that meet specific application requirements and easily deploy them onto development boards featuring M467 microcontrollers. This process significantly simplifies the development of machine learning applications, enabling even developers less familiar with machine learning to create powerful voice control applications.

Furthermore, the M467 series boasts a range of outstanding features, making it an ideal choice for developing AI applications with diverse requirements and efficient performance. NuMicro® M467 Ethernet/Crypto series microcontrollers, based on the Arm Cortex-M4 core, operate at frequencies of up to 200 MHz and feature a built-in DSP instruction set and single-precision floating-point unit (FPU). They offer a wide operating voltage range, temperature range, and excellent anti-interference properties, including ESD HBM 2 kV and EFT 4.4 kV, suitable for various product applications such as IoT gateways, industrial control, telecommunications, and data centers. With up to 1024 KB of dual-bank programmable memory for program storage, 512 KB of SRAM for code execution, and support for Firmware Over-The-Air (FOTA) wireless updates, the M467 series also provides rich peripherals such as Ethernet 10/100 MAC, hardware encryption and decryption engines, USB OTG, and PWM output.

System developers are welcome to contact the Nuvoton team through Nuvoton AI webpage www.nuvoton.com/ai "Contact Us" form to explore the new value of endpoint AI together.

Watch the application design video: Voice Control Scope (Mandarin)

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