Nuvoton Starts Sample-shipping of New Industrial BM-ICs

Nuvoton Starts Sample-shipping of New Industrial BM-ICs

Kyoto, Japan, June 24, 2024 - Nuvoton Technology Corporation Japan (NTCJ) has developed new industrial 17-cell BM-ICs “KA49701A” and “KA49702A” for 48V batteries. Sample-shipping starts from June 2024. These products enable battery-performance maximization and simple safe system construction.



  1. Voltage measurement accuracy +/-2.9mV, the highest standard in the industry*1), realizes the effective use of battery performance. The high-accuracy voltage measurement helps to meet system requirements including stationary Energy Storage System (ESS) manufactured to comply with China GB Standards (GB/T34131-2023).


  1. Self-diagnosis function is installed on main circuits such as AD Converter (ADC) and Multiplexer (MUX). This advanced Battery Monitoring ICs (BM-ICs) make it possible to detect latent failures inside of the chips, which contribute to your simple safe system construction without external circuits.


  1. Our specific lineup for Low-side and High-side Switch offers you an option to realize a cost-effective or a higher-safety system. Both products provide with the best solution for battery control in wide range of applications.


Nuvoton’s Industrial Battery Monitoring ICs implement high-resolution ADCs and precisely measure voltage, temperature, and current in a battery. Combination with a microcomputer permits the ICs to control cell balancing switches as well as battery charging and discharging current. You can realize simple battery system construction by installing our all-in-one ICs ― no switching elements or level-shifter circuits are needed any more.


Product details:



Energy Storage System (ESS), server, e-scooter, e-bike, robot, drone, etc.


Product name:

Industrial Battery Monitoring IC

KA49701A, KA49702A




Product number



Charging and discharging control method

Low-side Switch

High-side Switch

Maximum connectable cells


Maximum operating voltage


Voltage measurement accuracy

+/- 2.9mV

Current measurement accuracy

+/- 1.0%


QFP-48pin(7mm x 7mm)



*1) According to survey by Nuvoton in the industrial battery monitoring IC field as of June 24, 2024.


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