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The NuStamp-ACK-M031LE consists of two parts, the NuMicro®  M031LE3AE microcontroller and Amazon Alexa Connect Kit (ACK). The NuStamp-ACK-M031LE allows users to develop, program and debug quickly and easily.

The ACK receives instructions from the Amazon cloud and passes the instructions to the M031LE3AE microcontroller. The NuMicro® M031LE3AE supports 48 MHz operating frequency, 2MHz 12-bit 16-ch ADC, 2-ch ACMP, 96/144MHz 24-ch PWM, hardware divider, and rich peripherals. With the high-performance processing capability, developers can complete the development of a voice-controlled product easily.

The NuStamp-ACK-M031LE also offers M031LE3AE full pins extension 1.27 mm stamp hole design and 2.54 mm standard pinhole of odd number pins, making it easy for developers to design and plan.

The ACK is an Amazon cloud service connection module that can immediately receive commands from the cloud. It is convenient for users to use voice or APP and remote control through the network.

The NuStamp-ACK-M031LE is an easy to develop platform for users to extend functionality and build applications. It can be widely used in smart home appliances, IoT appliances and remote control solutions.


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