The NuMaker-M253LE is an evaluation board for Nuvoton NuMicro M253LE and M253LD microcontrollers. The NuMaker-M253LE consists of two parts: an M253LE target board and an on-board Nu-Link2-Me debugger and programmer. The NuMaker-M253LE is designed for project evaluation, prototype development and validation with power consumption monitoring function.

The M253LE target board is based on NuMicro M253LE3AE. For the development flexibility, the M253LE target board provides the extension connectors of M253LE3AE, the Arduino UNO compatible headers and the capability of adopting multiple power supplies. Furthermore, the Nuvoton-designed ammeter connector can measure the power consumption instantly, which is essential for the prototype evaluation.

In addition, there is an attached on-board debugger and programmer “Nu-Link2-Me”. The Nu-Link2-Me supports on-chip debugging, online and offline ICP programming via SWD interface. The Nu-Link2-Me supports virtual COM (VCOM) port for printing debug messages on PC. Besides, the programming status could be shown on the built-in LEDs. Lastly, the Nu-Link2-Me could be detached from the evaluation board and become a stand-alone mass production programmer.


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