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What are ISP, ICP and IAP?  Issue Date:2015-02-09

ISP stands for "In System Programming". The target chip runs the boot/loader code of LDROM through the peripheral interface such as USB/UART/SPI/I²C/RS-485/CAN... to update the internal APROM, Data Flash and User Configuration Word.


ICP stands for "In Circuit Programming". PC runs the software “NuMicro ICP Programming Tool” through the SWD (serial wire debug) port of Nu-Link circuit to update the internal APROM, LDROM, Data Flash and User Configuration Word of the target chip.


IAP stands for In-application-programming and it is a function for user to switch the code executing between APROM and LDROM without reset. User can enable the IAP function by re-booting chip and setting the chip boot selection bits in CBS (CONFIG0[7:6]) as 2 or 0. When chip boots with the IAP function enabled, any other page within the executable range of code can be mirrored to the first page of executable code (0x0000_0000~0x0000_01FF) any time. User can change the remap address of the first executing page by filling the target remap address to ISPADR and then go through ISP register with the Vector Page Re-map command. After changing the remap address, user can check if the change is successful by reading VECMAP(ISPSTA[20:9]).

(Below figure is the example for executable range of code with IAP Function Enabled of M05xDN/DE series.)

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