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Technical Blog / The Pioneer of Epidemic Prevention: Forehead Thermometer uses Nuvoton’s Low-power ML51 to keep you far away from viruses

Foreword In response to the spreading of the coronavirus epidemic, forehead thermometers have become necessary tools for families and public places. Since measurement does not require body contact, the chances for virus infection has been reduced, and the temperature can be measured within seconds through the infrared sensor; it also became very popular because it is extremely easy to use. Solution features When the button is pressed, the forehead thermometer will measure and collect the temperature through the infrared sensor, and convert it into high and low levels; the ADC inside the sensor can convert the signal into numbers, and the microcontroller can read the temperature through the serial port. The ML51 released by Nuvoton can easily realize the product solution. The ultra-low power consumption of the ML51 series is equipped with multiple power modes; the operating voltage when measuring temperature is 80uA/MHz, and it is less than 0.

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