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Nuvoton Releases New 8-bit Micro-controller for Inverter Motor Drive- N79E875 Your Best Choice for Inverter Motor Controller

Nuvoton Technology Corp. presents new 8-bit micro-controller applied in Inverter Motor Drive N79E875 MCU. Nuvoton N79E875 MCU is dedicated design for motor control that contains PWM, OP amplifier and comparator functions. With the simplified circuit design, N79E875 reduces space on PCB and saves system cost that aims at high volume production. Unique solutions can be used with this series of products such as motor controller, air conditioner, sport meter, etc.

Nuvoton is known for introducing the highly commended N79E875 integrated single chip system. Now, new versions of the 8-bit controllers, the N79E875, will be making their debut. N79E875 features the Nuvoton 8051 core, which is capable of executing a single command in 4 clock cycles. It has a built-in 16K flash memory, 512B SRAM and is highly integrated with peripheral functions (e.g. UART, SPI, I2C, 8ch 10-bit ADC, OP amplifier, Comparator, PWM, and internal RC oscillator). Its key features include fast execution, high noise immunity, and stability. They are all suitable for common embedded applications that require high performance in small packages.

The N79E875 provides a fully feature hardware/software development system such as the JTAG hardware simulator, software development system, programmer and support files. This complete system combination enables the designer to develop products in the short period of time, and allows their rapid integration into the market. By using the ICP (In Circuit Program) functions can be used to directly program and update the system while it is still online. Product flexibility and expandability can be expected. Nuvoton strives for the growth and satisfaction of our clients. Nuvoton will continue to expand powerful MCU product line and will provide various gradients of prices and optional features. In the current competitive market of consumer electronics and industrial controllers, this allows price attractive embedded applications to be possible.

As of today, the all-new Nuvoton product series is available for production. Product samples are currently available to our client. The device is supplied in 48-pin LQFP.

About Nuvoton

Nuvoton Technology Corp. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Winbond Electronics Corp., which spun off the unit in July 2008. Nuvoton focuses on the development of two main product lines, including consumer electronics ICs and computer ICs. Nuvoton operates a six-inch wafer fab, and which provides foundry service for the company's own branded IC products, as well as for selected manufacturing partners.

Nuvoton Technology Corp. has the advantages of core technology and customer relationships, thanks to its Winbond heritage, and continues to enhance product innovation and manufacturing efficiencies. Based on this foundation, Nuvoton provides superior service to its customers. Nuvoton will continue to realize its vision: "Be the indispensable partner to industry leaders." In line with the value Nuvoton places on its long-term relationship with its partners and customers, the company has established subsidiaries in the USA, China and Israel to strengthen regional customer support, service and global management. For more information, please

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