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Nuvoton Technology Becoming the Largest ARM®-based SoC Provider in Great China Region

Nuvoton Technology SoC Product Center today presents complete series of ARM7™ ARM9™ processors to the market. Accumulated decades of chip & software design experience at ARM-based SoC platform development, Nuvoton Technology introduces ARM7 ( NUC5xx, NUC7xx) and ARM9 (NUC9xx) series processors that meet varies demands from customers.

"Nuvoton Technology was former the logic product business group in Winbond Electronics Corp.", said Stephen Huang, Vice President of Nuvoton Technology consumer electronics business group, "the offerings after years of development are to give customers the 32-bit ARM products with more complete features, higher performance, and lower cost." From ultra low cost ARM7 at US$1 to highly-integrated ARM9 platform, Nuvoton Technology has become the largest ARM-based SoC provider in Great China Region by delivering 13 various SoC products as of today. By adopting Nuvoton Technology's SoC solutions, customers are not only just guaranteed with the best cost/performance, but also receive the highly-acclaimed technical support in time.

Nuvoton Technology SoC Product Center now presents 13 ARM-based SoC chips available in the market. More products are under development and planning to meet various application needs. More information can be found at:/enu/ProductAndSales/ProductLines/ConsumerElectronicsIC/ARMMicrocontroller/ARMMicrocontroller/

or contact local sales offices.

About Nuvoton Technology

Nuvoton Technology Corp. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Winbond Electronics Corp., which spun off the unit in July 2008. Nuvoton Technology focuses on the development of two main product lines, including consumer electronics ICs and computer ICs. Nuvoton Technology operates a six-inch wafer fab, and which provides foundry service for the company's own branded IC products, as well as for selected manufacturing partners.

Nuvoton Technology Corp. has the advantages of core technology and customer relationships, thanks to its Winbond Electronics heritage, and continues to enhance product innovation and manufacturing efficiencies. Based on this foundation, Nuvoton Technology provides superior service to its customers. Nuvoton Technology will continue to realize its vision: "Be the indispensable partner to industry leaders." In line with the value Nuvoton Technology places on its long-term relationship with its partners and customers, the company has established subsidiaries in the USA, China and Israel to strengthen regional customer support, service and global management. For more information, please visit:

*Note: Nuvoton is a registered trademark of Nuvoton Technology Corp.. All other trademarks and copyrights mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners.

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SoC Product Marketing Division 
Nuvoton Technology Corporation 
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