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Industry's Most Cost-competitive and Lowest Power Consumption Color Display Panel Solution-Nuvoton Technology ViewTalk® N535FS0240

Hsinchu, Taiwan – Nuvoton Technology Corporation Consumer Product Center today announced the new product of ViewTalk® family- N535FS0240. The N535FS0240 is the first LCD driver of N535FS series which is designed to use with FS (Filed Sequential)-LCD panel. FS-LCD uses the same panel process as black & white TN that the panel works with RGB LED switching effect to produce a colorful display.

N535FS0240 contains 120 segment and 2 common driver circuits, provides 8 colors of display qualities. It can be interfaced with the MPU via serial interface. Moreover, the resolution of LCD display can be extended by switching the master/slave mode between chips.

The N535FS0240 minimizes power consumption since there is no external operating clock needed for the RAM read/write operation. Furthermore, each chip builds-in with low power LCD driver power supply, LED driver circuit, voltage booster for LED and LCD , oscillator circuit and display RAM that greatly reduce the usage of external components in the display system and the whole system consumes the lowest power ever. Therefore, the N535FS0240 is the best solution for those devices that require both low BOM cost and color display feature. The target applications of N535FS0240 are toys, game devices, ELA, home appliance, instruments and weather forecast station etc.

Product Advantage:

  • Low power consumption (vs. CSTN-LCD, TFT-LCD)
  • Wide view angle and better brightness
  • Build in RGB LED driver and LED/LCD booster in N535FS0240. Decrease BOM cost.
  • Customized icon display makes COB solution better than COG in production
  • Low tooling charge of FS-LCD Panel (vs. CSTN-LCD, TFT-LCD)
  • Competitive cost performance than CSTN/TFT module
  • Easy to control N535FS0240 by using Nuvoton Technology MCU

Differences among FS-LCD, Color STN and TFT LCD:

  • FS-LCD module does not need a color filter for a multi-color effect. FS-LCD emits red, green and blue beams sequentially through the RGB LED and mix these color beams to get a colorful effect. And by fast switching of emitting beams (above human visible frequency 60Hz) causes the resistance of vision in human brain and further these remaining visions stack with each other to get a colorful picture.
  • Without using Color filter, FS-LCD module is more cost–effective than Color STN and TFT module and at the same time it comes with lower tooling charge.

The present of FS-LCD display technology shall bring a revolutionary impact and an unexpected growth among toy market. It is convinced that Nuvoton Technology N535FS0204 will shake up the toy market and lead the low-cost toy applications from black & white display into a color display world.

About Nuvoton Technology

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