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Nuvoton Announces Its First eSIO Series IC – NCT6681D

Hsinchu , Taiwan — 12 / 28 /2010 — Nuvoton proudly announces NCT6681D, the first product of new eSIO series IC. Nuvoton`s new eSIO series IC is a traditional legacy SIO with built-in uC or uP, to provide the best green control on MB / AIO systems. The “e” of eSIO means the embedded controller based SIO ; it is also Nuvoton`s promise to provide the best green function and control for PC industry, and do the best contribution to the environment.

NCT6681D, combining a built-in microcontroller and traditional legacy SIO functions, supports a rich set of features and targets the All-in-One PC applications, high-end motherboard applications that need the built-in microcontroller to fulfill the customized features, and any other applications that microcontroller can better execute the performance.

The microcontroller inside NCT6681D is the industrial standard 1T 8-bit microcontroller and the built-in SRAM is 8 Kbyte. The firmware code is stored in an external SPI flash and could be updated via LPC interface or PS/2 interface with special tools provided by Nuvoton. In addition to the built-in microcontroller, the features that NCT6681D implements, such as PECI (Platform Environment Control Interface), SB-TSI interface, SMBus master, DSW (Deep Sleep Well) glue logic, make it also the up-to-date IC for both Intel ® latest generation platform, Sandy Bridge, and AMD ® latest generation platform, AMD FusionTM .

Moreover, NCT6681D implements some specific features that can benefit customers even more. ErP (energy related products), a more and more popular specification to further reduce the system power consumption while in S5 state nowadays, is one of them. For the traditional legacy applications, NCT6681D is the correct choice because it supports LPC interface, Printer Port, 2 COM, KBC, and GPIO (general purpose I/O).

NCT6681D feature sets are most desirable for MB / AIO systems. Inheriting the abundant development experiences from Winbond Electronics Corp., Nuvoton has been a major supplier of the key IC components for Desktop PC motherboards, Notebook PCs, Industrial / Embedded PCs and Servers markets. Nuvoton continues to devote itself to the development of creative IC components and to invest in the development of cost effective ICs with the latest features and the best performance.

About Nuvoton Technology

Nuvoton Technology Corp. was established in 2008 as a spin-out of Winbond Electronics' Logic business group and started operation in July. Nuvoton Technology focuses on the R&D and sales in two main product lines: consumer electronics ICs and computer ICs, and leads in global market shares of speech ICs and computer related application ICs. Nuvoton owns a six-inch wafer fab, featuring in special niche process. Besides in-house IC products, the wafer fab also provides part of its capacity for foundry services. Nuvoton Technology provides high cost performance products for its customers by means of flexible technology innovation capabilities, full product solutions and excellent integration of technology synergy. Nuvoton offers superior services based on existing solid foundation and continues to realize its vision: "Be an indispensable partner to industry leaders." Nuvoton values the long-term relationship with its partners and customers ; the company has established subsidiaries in the USA, China and Israel to strengthen regional customer support and global management. For more information, please visit .

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