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Nuvoton Technology begins trading on TSE today

Hsinchu, Taiwan, R.O.C. –  9/27/2010  To celebrate Nuvoton Technology (4919), a domestic logic IC product manufacturer, begins trading on Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE) today (Sept. 27), TSE held a grand inauguration ceremony in Taipei 101, and invited guests and media to witness this historical moment. 

Today's ceremony began with Nuvoton's executives and honored guests stepping onto the red carpet of Taipei 101. Chairman of Taiwan Stock Exchange, Hsueh Chi, was the first guest to give a speech; besides giving wishes to Nuvoton, Chairman Hsueh also highly appreciated the company’s operation performance. Nuvoton Chairman, Chiao Yu-Cheng, explained the origin of Nuvoton’s name in his speech. Nuvoton is a concatenation of two words: "Nuvo", pronounced like "New" in French (nouveau), and ‘Ton’, an English approximation of "Tang" to represent the Tang Dynasty. Nuvoton was named after the concepts of “Innovation” and “Tang Dynasty”. One of the most prosperous dynasties in the Chinese history, Tang dynasty was the center of the world and achieved great success in humanities and technology. Nuvoton was named after “New Tang” to learn from the Tang Dynasty’s great achievements in international cultural exchange, economy, trade and technology innovations. Furthermore, with the spirit of excellence in innovation, close relationship with customers, and global cohesion in R&D energy, Nuvoton will impose its vision “Being an indispensible partner to industry leaders” and create a brand new Tang Dynasty in the IC industry.  

Mark Wei, Chairman of KGI and Chi-Chang Lou (CPA) from Deloitte also gave speech one after another. The ceremony reached its climax when all guests beat the drum together for the rising of the Nuvoton shares. The guests also toasted together to give blessings and encouragement to Nuvoton.

"The core areas of Nuvoton are consumer IC, computer IC and wafer fabrication and foundry services. Our business is stable, product applications are wide and strength of growth is strong," said President Hsu after the ceremony. Nuvoton’s products are primarily used in toys, voice recording cards, auto electronics, home safety, home appliances, medical, games, industrial controllers, computer motherboards, and servers. In addition to the existing profitability strengths, Nuvoton has been actively developing opportunities in the emerging technology market to nurture future growth momentum. These innovation opportunities include star products like multi-touch screen, voice recognition and e-book. It has shown concrete results and is expected to create sales peak for Nuvoton.

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