INDIA-2019.May – Pune Level 1 Workshop & Hands on Training on NT-NUC029SE


  • 2019-05-30~2019-05-30
  • Location:

  • India – Pune

About level 1 Workshop

  • Nuvoton Technology intends to introduce its world class Cortex®-M0 MCU offerings from their rich MCU portfolio.
  • The program is intended to help design Engineers work on Nuvoton's Cortex®-M0 MCUs which is easy to adapt for any Engineer working on any MCU
  • The focus would be to make it simple to climb first step to 32 bit Computing for performance delivery
  • Hands on training would make users confidently play around rich features of the Cortex®-M0 series & select latest offering for future projects developments
  • Participants would get to interact with expert of the subject & Nuvoton would be happy to share expertise
  • Participants would get 1 Free EVB at the end of Workshop-NT-NUC029SE.

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  • Locations - Workshop Venue

Crowne Plaza                                                                

CTS No. 37 & 37/1, Bund Garden Road, Next to Jehangir Hospital, Pune | 411001 | India |                                                       

Ph - 91-20-67248181        

Website –