USB FIDO Key for Identity Security

This Fast Identification Online ( FIDO ) Identity supports USB Flash memory drive with dual security features of the NuMicro® M2351 microcontroller and SunASIC® fingerprint sensor module which is compliant with the Universal 2nd Factor ( U2F ) protocol. It could be applied to the identity identification applications such as digital currency encryption wallet, laptop/ mobile device data, and password protection.

  • Features
    - USB 2.0 Full Speed Device
    - SD card Interface
    - Hardware Crypto Accelerator
    - USB drivers
    HID protocol
    Storage class
  • Specifications
    M2351  (32-bit Arm® Cortex®-M23)
    - Operating frequency: 64 MHz
    - 512 KB Dual Bank Flash / 96 KB SRAM
    - TrustZone® for Armv8-M Technology
    - Arm® Platform Security Architecture ( PSA ) Certified Level 1
    - Multiple power management modes
  • System Block Diagram

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