Industrial Remote Terminal Unit

This solution can be used to remotely monitor and control a variety of devices and systems for automated, multi-purpose devices. It has a very small PCB two-layer board and supports multiple network protocols and supports up to 10 UART devices.

  • Features
    Small PCB size and easy layout (2 layers)
    Ethernet stack MQTT, COAP, HTTPD,  HTTPS
    Wi-Fi / 4G LTE connect to Cloud
    up to 10 measurement units
    Linux OS
  • Specifications
    NUC980 (32-bit Arm926EJ-S)
    - Integral DDR memory in LQFP package
    - SPI NAND supported
    - 10/100 Ethernet supported
    - USB High-Speed Host
    - 10 sets UART / RS485
  • System Block Diagram

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