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Personal Information Provision


 Notification and Written Consent on Personal Information Provision

To whom it may concern,
Nuvoton Technology Corp. (hereinafter referred to as “Nuvoton”), in compliance with the provisions of the Personal Information Protection Act of the Republic of China, hereby requests you to carefully read and understand the following descriptions when you register and interact with the Nuvoton human resources recruitment website.

For the purpose of recruitment, Nuvoton shall be entitled to obtain personal information that may directly or indirectly identify you such as: name, your ID Number, title, salary, mobile number, contract address, e-mail address, academic and employment records, family status, licenses or other permissions, education level, examinations, technical or professional qualifications, medical records and so on.

2. You agree that for the specified purpose stated above Nuvoton may use personal information you provide, in a reasonable way, both inside or outside the Republic of China. Nuvoton may also transfer your personal information to Nuvoton affiliated enterprises, branches and to third parties tasked by Nuvoton to process this information (this includes, but is not limited to, such third parties that have a cooperative, or commissioned relationship with Nuvoton) and use or transmit it to places where such third parties are located. Your personal information may be retained for at least five years to comply with the Nuvoton internal policy and applicable laws and regulations, after such original specified purpose ceases to exist. During this period Nuvoton may only may process use and/or International transmit your personal information for necessary safety management purposes.
3. You have the following legal rights with respect to your personal information: (1) You may request a review of your personal information; (2) You may request duplicates of your personal information; (3) You may request supplementation or correction of your personal information; (4) You may request that collection, use of, or access to your personal information be discontinued; (5) You may request deletion of your personal information (except that which is essential for Nuvoton to carry out official duties, or the execution of business, or for which Nuvoton has obtained your written consent to retain.)
4. In the event that You fail to provide Your personal information or fail to provide the proper personal information, or exercise the rights of request for discontinuing to collect, process or use or request for deletion under the foresaid paragraph, and which resulted in the specified purpose of the Article 1 will not be fulfilled by Nuvoton, it may affect or impair Your related benefits or interests provided by Nuvoton or terminate Your employment.

If you have read the above conditions, please confirm your understanding of them as provided by Nuvoton pursuant to the Personal Information Protection Act and other applicable laws and regulations and click “Agree” to continue to complete your résumé. If you disagree, click “Disagree” and leave this web page.


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