Logic Mixed Signal Process

Logic/Mixed Mode Technology 

Logic/Mixed Mode Technology 

Nuvoton Technology foundry fab was formerly one of Winbond Electronics’ VLSI fabs.  In the beginning, logic process development was the main technology at this fab. It had a 0.5um 5V logic process and 0.35um 3.3V/5V logic process and has produced more than one million 6” wafers. These logic processes are among the most mature foundry process platforms at this fab.

In recent years, the increasing complexity of customer products have gradually driven these processes from pure logic functions to analog applications. In order to meet customers analog  needs, we added many new devices such Bipolar (NPN and PNP) Transistors, High Resistance Resistors (HR-Poly) and PIP (Poly1 insulator Poly2) Capacitors to the existing logic process.  



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