Customized Technology

Customized Technology 

As demand for improved semiconductor technology continues to evolve, standard CMOS processes are unable to meet the current needs of the market. In order to serve the wide range of products demanded by the market, companies must work closely with foundries to optimize product development. Nuvoton’s Foundry has extensive experience in wafer processing and process development to help meet your specific needs. In order to create higher value, we continue to experiment with “forward-thinking” projects as we look to support future needs.

III-V Material Process Platform

With many IC processes and with a deep level of experience in material properties, we have a proven isolation technology that allows us to group III-V material into Si base FAB production. By resolving potential contamination problems, we can now group III-V materials in the Nuvoton foundry. 

Sensor Technology Process Platform

By using Deep Trench and Backend Etch with SOI technology, we have manufactured a variety of customer required sensors (such as pressure, light and acid-base properties) for use in handheld and medical systems.

ESD Protection Process Platform

Nuvoton has a complete ESD protection IC process platform that provides all the necessary ESD protection. Processes are highly customized to meet customer requirements across multiple products.


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