Embedded Memory Process

Embedded Logic NVM Technology 

Embedded Logic NVM Technology 

In order to meet a variety of applications requiring memory on demand, particularly in 0.35um processes, we provide three kinds of logic-based Non-Volatile Memory (NVM). They are (1) Yield Microelectronics Corporation’s (YMC) 3.3V MTP (Multi-Time-Programing) NVM IP; (2) eMemory’s 5V OTP (One-Time-Programing) NVM IP; and (3) Nuvotons Own Poly e-Fuse IP for Trimming.

Application Target Product Function 0.35um MVN IP
Trimming LCD Driver, LED Driver, Touch Panel, Power IC STB Control Fuse Like 5V/40V/UHV or BCD eMemory 5V OTPNTC Poly e-Fuse
Parameter Setting LCD, LED, Battery Pack Protection Status Parameter 5V/40V/HV or BCD eMemory 5V OTP
Encryption LCD, STB, Smart Card Security Confirm Code 5V/40V/HV or BCD eMemory 5V OTP
Function Selection SoC product Function selector SoC Function Control 3.3V/5V Logic YMC 3.3V MTP
Identification Setting Product ID, TagIC < 13.5MHz ID Code 3.3V/5V Logic YMC 3.3V MTP
Code Storage 4/8 bits MCU Program, Data Storage 3.3V/5V Logic YMC 3.3V MTP



Nuvoton Technology Corp. in cooperation with YMC, provides a 3.3V MTP NVM IP on 0.35um 3.3V/5V logic process that enables customers to run the process with YMC IP without additional mask and process costs. The NVM IP types YMC provides (1) EEPROM (2) Flash (3) MTP. The IP memory density ranges from 256x8 bits to 16Kx16 bits. This process has been widely used for Microcontroller (MCU) products.


eMemory 5V OTP NVM IP

Nuvoton Technology develops power management and high-voltage process. In 0.35um technology, it provides modular manufacturing with integrated eMemory 5V OTP NVM IP for customers in fields such as power management with embedded memory technologies.  Nuvoton also enables customers to run Nuvoton’s 0.35um BCD process with eMemory 5V OTP NVM IP without additional mask and process costs.

Nuvoton Poly e-Fuse  IP

Nuvoton Technology offers proprietary Poly Electrical Fuse (Poly e-Fuse) IP in the 0.35um BCD and 0.6um CDMOS/UHV processes. Poly e-Fuse IP is used for analog and power management IC Trimming with lower cost than   traditional PAD E-fuse solutions. Trimming using this IP may allow the customer to skip Final Test (FT) for more cost savings. Compared to Laser fuses, Nuvoton Poly e-Fuse IP saves trimming costs and enhances  yield.



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