Special Application

Specialty Applications 

To meet your specific applications in the field of special process requirements, we focus on the customization process. 


In order to sense and process real world analog signals, (such as light, temperature, pressure, pH etc.) ICs must have sensor capability. This enables customers to produce Mixed Signal IC’s with both Sensor capability. To serve the sensor needs Nuvoton Foundry Service provides sensor process platform. 

Specialty Power Devices

With the rise of environmental consciousness, requirements for efficient high-power systems have become increasingly stringent. In some cases, Si material power components cannot perform to the required specifications so wide band-gap materials must be used instead. To serve these needs Nuvoton has a special process flow to build GaN power devices. 

ESD Protection

Many electronic products have ports that interface with the outside world that exposes the circuits to Electrostatic Discharge (ESD). Since it is critical to protect components from damage due to static electricity, IC protection devices become a very important component. We provide TVS process platforms to meet customers’ ESD protection needs with low voltage, low leakage and low capacitance ESD structures.

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