Power Application

HV and Power Applications

HV and Power Applications

AC/DC Switch Mode Power Supply

Nuvoton’s 0.6um CDMOS/UHV process, 0.35um BCD process, and HV MOSFET processes with 40V devices, Low Ron UHV devices, Start-Up UHV devices, and high voltage MOSFETs can fully meet the requirements of complete AC to DC systems Input, PFC, Power and Feedback Stages.

DC/DC Converter

For power conversion from AC to DC, DC voltage conversion and switching supplies using DC/DC Converters (eg: Buck, Boost, LDO, Charge Pump, Switch, etc.) Nuvoton’s 0.6um CDMOS and 0.35um BCD process provide low on-resistance (Low Ron), High Side isolation devices, and a variety of special voltage devices to meet customers requirements.


Motor Driver

To support a wide range of large motor system applications, (eg: home appliances, electric cars, etc.) Nuvoton offers IGBT and HV MOSFET process development platforms to help customers develop high power components for motor applications. By providing 0.6um CDMOS / UHV and 0.35 um BCD process for AC / DC and DC / DC solutions, customers can meet all the needs of Motor Driving applications.


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