High Voltage Power Process

HV and Power Technology

HV and Power Technology

Nuvoton offers 0.5um 5V, 0.6um CDMOS/UHV, and 0.35um BCD's power management and high-voltage related processes. These processes cover the requirements of systems with power supplies from 5V ~ 700V and include low on-resistance (Low Rdson) power devices (LDMOS) and UHV devices (Ultra High Voltage Devices).

Wide Voltage Range

To meet the needs of a variety of voltage applications, 0.6um CDMOS/UHV and 0.35um BCD’s power management and high-voltage processes provide voltages ranging 5V, 12V, 16V, 20V, 25V, 30V, 40V, 60V, 80V, 500V and 700V, while Nuvotons’s 0.35um BCD process uses Epi to provide isolation higher than 40V ~ 700V. Nuvoton will continue to develop different process for different voltage to meet customer demands in the future.


Low Ron Device

In order to reduce costs and improve performance, Nuvoton is constantly thinking of ways to achieve low on-resistance devices to enhance customers' competitiveness. We currently offer our 0.35um BCD process providing world-class low on-resistance devices.


Specialty Devices

In order to meet all your design needs and enhance your products competitiveness, we have developed special devices such as Isolation, Depletion, Native, Zener, Schottky devices, etc.

3um Thick Top Metal for Cu Wire Bond

In order to meet the needs of copper wire bonding, we provide a 3um Thick Top Metal process for all high-voltage and power management related processes.


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