LED Application

LED Applications 

LED Backlight Driver

LEDs have been widely used on LCD backlight systems ranging from mobile phones to large displays. Nuvoton offers 0.5um 5V Mixed Mode, 0.6um CDMOS, and 0.35um BCD process, which provide 5V ~ 140V low on-resistance devices to support LED BL drivers.

LED Lighting Driver

LED lighting is the future trend of illumination regardless of whether they are used in isolated or non-isolated systems. Nuvoton’s 0.6um CDMOS / UHV and 0.35um BCD process have several devices ranging in operation from 12V ~ 700V to meet customers requirements for LED Lighting systems.

LED Display Driver

With the popularity of LED displays, LED display driver demand is also increasing substantially. Nuvoton’s 0.5um 5V mixed mode, 0.6um CDMOS / UHV, and 0.35um BCD process provide (5V ~ 12V) devices with both excellent matching and precision to meet all your LED Display system requirements.

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