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Vision Statement

Vision Statement

Products and Prospects

  • Speech IC Manufacturing
  • Power IC /Mix Mode IC Manufacturing
  • Logic IC Manufacturing
  • Wafer Foundry Service/ Turnkey Service

Nuvoton Technology Manufacturing Business Group conducts business in the scope of a 150mm wafer FAB, a testing factory operation, product engineering group and manufacturing service group. Partial productivity is contributed to the operation by foundry service in addition to manufacturing own-branded IC products. Process lines include Logic, Mixed mode, Flat Cell, Flash, SRAM, and High voltage. Compared to the process capability of other 150mm wafer fabs we are far above standing on a leading ground (0.35um Logic, 0.32um~0.5um Logic & MCU, 0.5um~0.6 um Analog &HV, 0.6um UHV).

On the trends, high voltage, high current analog integrated circuit components will be the mainstream of LED lighting, panel display, especially for 6-inch Fab development. Nuvoton is currently focusing on the development of the High Voltage process technology, providing wider application of products to our customers, and we continue working on decreasing manufacturing cost to reinforce competitive advantages of cost structure and cycle time.

Nuvoton has been certificated by the international unit of DNV's " PAS2050 & ISO14067 CD Carbon Footprint(CFP) " which is the first domestic made 6-inch wafer fab and was also awarded the carbon label of Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association. Nuvoton as a citizen of the world promises to fulfill its responsibilities and become a continuously self-sustainable green business company.

Our Competitive Advantage

Nuvoton Manufacturing Business Group is deviated from Winbond. Electronics Corp. We have accumulated abundant expertise in IC manufacture technology for more than 10 years. Our Business Group consists of professionals of adequate qualification and skills as well as an excellent management team. Not only are we fully equipped with diverse product lines and niche process capabilities, but we are also able to bring up the capacity utilization to its maximum level by diversified product combinations, thus empower the gain of dominant wafer price and service in the market.


We attain the goal of fulfilling the maximum requirement on the yield rate of product lines while manufacturing in class 1 cleanrooms. We manufacture high yield rate and quality guaranteed products under the supervision of the integrated statistic process. Furthermore, we have technical teams capable of doing product defect analysis and performing service of process modification.

Nuvoton provides flexible and rapid manufacture models especially in Speech IC product line. Due to the trait of Code product, we prepare on-line stock at the Code Bank in advance for our customers to satisfy their demands on cycle time and precise product quantity. In order to elevate customers’ dominance in a highly competitive market, we manufacture 5 inch and 6 inch mask layers simultaneously on the process, not only to meet customers’ needs of less-quantity and more-variety for each product but also to lower customers’ manufacturing cost and allow the facility of tape-out strategy.

Nuvoton Business Group has been holding a leading position with a niche in IC industry as a result of our belief and persistence in the spirit of innovation and constant improvement. Thinking of joining us and create a win-win situation for customers and corporation in the highly competitive semiconductor industry? Nuvoton Manufacturing Business Group is your best choice.More Product Information

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