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IC Design

IC Design

Products and Prospects

  • 8-bit μC IC
  • 32-bit μC IC
  • ISD Voice and Speech IC

Nuvoton’s Microcontroller Application Business Group focuses mainly on Voice and Speech ICs, and Micro-Controller ICs. The product line is mainly used in toys for pre-school playgroups (4-bit/8-bit Micro-Controller ICs), and in school-age educational toys (32-bit ARM7/ARM9 ICs). It’s competitive and the quality of the product line is received by the market with a certain market share and continues to maintain high growth, major customers include well-known consumer products manufacturers. Micro-Controller ICs are used in a wide range of applications, 8-bit Micro-Controller ICs can be used in household appliances, IT, industrial and automotive products; 32-bit Specific Application Micro-Controller ICs, use ARM7/ARM9 ICs as the core, and are mainly used in multimedia and data exchange transceiver products, such as network management, multimedia audio and video products.

In addition, Nuvoton is the first to launch 32-bit to ARM R Cortex ?-M0 as the core of the general-purpose microcontroller in Asia. The product has features such as wide voltage input, high anti-interference, high noise immunity design, especially suitable for Industrial system control as 8 bit micro-controller. The target markets include automotive electronics, medical electronics, brushless DC, touch screen, USB and so on. We are also the first one in the IC industry to develop four-channel CODEC and the well-liked Pro-X Series CODEC/SLIC device.

Micro-Controller ICs are intended for creative applications. In addition to hardware, we offer an easy-to-use platform that does not require specialized knowledge in electronics. With short-term training, users specializing in programming, mechanical and industrial design, or even music and arts will quickly learn the ropes. In consequence of the easy-to-use feature as well as the well-praised product quality and anti-interference characters demonstrated in Winbond’s Micro-Controller ICs over the years, Nuvoton’s Micro-Controller ICs will be the best choice for our partners.

Our Competitive Advantage

Except for 32-bit Micro-Controller ICs, Nuvoton Technology has adopted the Integrated Device Manufacturer (IDM) business model to design and manufacture in-house. Due to the diverse market demands for Micro-Controller ICs, we integrated both design and manufacturing to maintain our competitive advantage and to claim the leadership in a niche market. Nuvoton’s competitive advantage lies in:

  • Knowledge of non-volatile memory
  • Knowledge of low voltage and analog CMOS

Nuvoton owns world-class competitive advantage to provide products of good sound quality and low cost with the privilege of special patent speech ICs; our strength lies in IC design and mastery of the mathematical theories behind image and sound processing. Nuvoton is dedicated to research and development and is continually accumulating intellectual property. In addition to technologies and platforms, we also coordinate with the whole supply chain to provide excellent after-sales service and long-term cooperation to meet customer quality, validation, display, set the target manufacturing process to achieve the timely introduction of the market (Time to Market) purpose. We reinforce our dominance in this market with a complete solution for real-time services with the flexibility.

The business group has design centers in Hsinchu (Taiwan) and Silicon Valley (USA), and application centers in Shanghai and ShenZhen (Mainland China), and one manufacturing site in Hsinchu (Taiwan).

Micro-Controller ICs and Voice and Speech ICs can be used in a wide range of products covering numerous fields. Do you want to experience the omnipresent power of ICs in our life? Nuvoton’s Consumer Electronics Business Group is your best choice.More Product Information

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