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NuMicro® M032KG8AE used as main microcontroller with function downward compatible with:
  - M032KG8AE
  - M032KG6AE
  - M032SG8AE
  - M032SG6AE
  - M032LG8AE
  - M032LG6AE
M032KG8AE full pins extension connectors
Arduino UNO compatible extension connectors
Ammeter connector for measuring the microcontroller’s power consumption
Fixable board power supply
  - External VDD power connector
  - Arduino UNO compatible extension connector Vin
  - USB power connector on M031platform
  - ICE USB connector on Nu-Link2-Me
On-board Nu-Link2-Me debugger and programmer:
  - Debug through SWD interface
  - On-line /off-line programming
  - Drag-and-drop programming
  - Virtual COM port function
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