2022 Nuvoton IoT Security Technology Global Forum

28. June 2022 | 9:30 AM – 11:30 AM CEST

With the fast development of Internet of Things in recent years, people rely more heavily on application services provided by network-connected devices, where security becomes the foundation for these smart Internet of Things applications. Nuvoton has long been committed to the information security functions, technology development of microcontrollers/ microprocessors, and devoted to synergizing the ecosystem for facilitating a more secure IoT world.
In this event, Nuvoton invites the IoT Security field experts, covering future trends of Quantum Cryptography, Security Certification and Consulting Services, and a complete description of the IoT Security Microcontrollers, which we sincerely hope will benefit a lot for the participants.


Postquantum Cryptography and the NIST Competition

Cryptographically Relevant Quantum Computers will arrive in maybe a decade and all our current cryptographic solutions need to be shifted to "Postquantum Cryptography (PQC)", alternatives that resist attacks by elements armed with CRQCs. This requires an overhaul of all our current crypto infrastructure, and the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has been running a competition to determine the next-generation cryptographic standards. We discuss what this means for corporations facing the PQC transition and what they should be doing in the meantime.

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Dr. Bo-Yin Yang

Research Fellow, Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica

Bringing Security to the IoT with PSA Certified

In this course you will learn how PSA Certified is transforming security in the Internet of Things. You will learn how PSA Certified can help protect your products and your company from bad actors by leveraging best security practices which are then evaluated by leading, independent security laboratories. You will also learn how PSA Certified products from Nuvoton can help you meet existing and emerging security standards and regulations.

Jim Carver

Senior Business Development Manager, Arm Inc.

IoT Security Services: Create Value with Security by Design and Security Lifecycle Management

The prerequisite for robust and sustainable security is to generalize IoT/OT security by design, natively from the chip, and to manage it throughout the lifecycle of the connected device. Secure-IC will present the importance of proven cybersecurity and certification compliance through security evaluation services, as well as process and means to address security lifecycle management issues.

Yan-Tarō Clochard

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and Sales VP North Asia, Secure-IC

MCU Security Features for IoT Security

As the bottom layer of IoT system, how IoT devices protect the authenticity and integrity of data is the foundation for the security of the entire IoT application systems. MCUs are the core components of IoT devices to process data. Therefore, the MCU must have system view of hardware and software security features to protect the data of these IoT devices, so that the upper application of the system can focus on solving other higher level IoT application issues. We will describe the types of attacks that MCUs may face on IoT devices, the security standards for evaluating MCU security levels, and the hardware security features MCUs must have to defend against these attacks.

Ming-Nan Cheng

Program Director, Microcontroller Application Business Group, Nuvoton Technology Corporation

Client Testimonial

M2354 Based, AMI Standard Compliant Smart Meter

Suik Hwang

CEO, Security Platform Inc., Korea