The M2354 Series IoT Security microcontrollers with chip-level physical security and ultra-low power consumption won the first “EE Awards Asia-Asian Golden Selection Award” -Taiwan Product Award- The Promising Product of the Year Honor

Hsinchu, Taiwan – December, 2021 – Nuvoton Technology was established to bring innovative solutions to the semiconductor industry. The company develop IC products for microcontroller/microprocessor on IoT edge computing, smart home, and cloud security-related applications, BMS, Automotive SoC and ToF sensors, TMOS, inverter and digital power control MCUs. These products are widely used in the industrial electronics, mobile phone, automotive, consumer electronics, and PC/Notebook computer markets. NuMicro® M2354 Series microcontrollers - an IoT security MCU, newly launched in early 2021, inherit the M2351 Series security functions that have passed Arm® PSA Certified™ Level 1, Level 2, and PSA Functional API Certified. In addition to the Arm TrustZone technology for the software security, M2354 also implements the hardware crypto engines with the protection for SCA (Side Channel Attack) and FIA (Fault Injection) for the chip-level security. Its operating frequency can be up to 96 MHz, having a built-in 1 Mbytes Flash, 256 Kbytes SRAM memory can easily support secure remote firmware update (Secure FOTA Update) and facilitate the porting of a variety of real-time operating systems (Real-Time Operating System), including FreeRTOS, Mbed OS, RT-Thread, etc., to assist cloud service application developers in deploying various secure networking devices easily.

“EE Times” and “EDN” are professional technical media with a long history and high reputation globally and in the Asia-Pacific region. The content of their reports has attracted the attention of a wide range of readers, including industry veterans. The “EE Awards Asia-Asian Golden Selection Award” held for the first time this year is an award commending outstanding products, companies, and people throughout Asia. Jason Lin, vice president of Nuvoton Microcontroller Application Business Group, said: “Nuvoton is honored to be awarded by the M2354 Series, and it is also gratified that the majority of market customers recognize that Nuvoton’s IoT Security MCU products provide considerable value for IoT developers. As a leading supplier of IoT Security MCU/ MPU technology, Nuvoton is confident that it can assist customers in building and expanding IoT application products while still meeting the security and low-power consumption requirements of IoT node devices that are small in size and energy-saving features, thereby realizing a novel and unique IoT application.”

The full range of NuMicro® M2351/4 IoT Security products can provide a microcontroller platform with a complete security level for various network-connected devices. It also introduces the concept of microcontroller platform security, equipped with functions including Debug Port Management, Product Lifecycle Management, Firmware Version Counter, and key storage area with chip-level physical security, allowing microcontroller application systems to realize data storage security, software execution security easily, and message communication security. Furthermore, Nuvoton has been focusing on the management of the security industry ecosystem for a long time, combining the strengths of partner companies to provide customers with more free or value-added services, such as licensing of free software development tools, secure software programming, and trusted data preloading providers’ cooperation globally.

Looking forward to the future, security function is the mandatory requirement of the IoT devices, we are convinced that only through the power of the security ecosystem can we propose appropriate solutions to help various types of network-connected devices face the increasingly complex challenges of IoT security issues and reach various requirements meeting every country’s or regional regulations for the promise of security and safety of devices. Vice President Jason Lin concluded: “We continue to make global investments in R&D, business, marketing, and supply chain logistics. We have also tried our best to support current and future customers and contribute to the realization of a secure, safe and intelligent human life.”