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Smart Home Audio(318)

Arm Cortex-M0 MCUs

The NuMicro M030G/M031G 32-bit microcontroller series is designed for Optical Transceiver Module applications, which have 3 major features for traditional one: (1) sensitive to the temperature, (2) small form factor and (3) an I²C interface for communication. As a result, both of the M030G and the M031G series have a built-in temperature sensor with ±2°C deviation from -40°C to 105°C, package selections of small size including QFN24 and QFN33, and 2 sets of strong I²C with 1 MHz slave mode and non-stretch mode.

Moreover, in upcoming WDM scenarios, “Pilot Tone Modulation”, is required. The Pilot Tone Modulation aims to add OAM data in the form of low-frequency dither into original signal to realize the OAM functions. Therefore, the M031G series, which supports Pilot Tone Modulation, is equipped with a Hardware Manchester Codec with CRC to encode and decode low-frequency dither signal and 1 set of DAC with “Auto Data Generation” function to generate the smooth sine waveform up to 500KHz for the output of Pilot Tone Modulation.

Whether you require the general optical transceiver or the one with Pilot Tone Modulation, you can find the most satisfied solution here in Nuvoton.

M030G/M031G Series Key Features for Optical Transceiver Solution

  1. Hardware Manchester Codec*
  2. DAC with Auto Data Generation Function*
  3. Temp. Sensor with ±1.6°C deviation from 0 °C to 70 °C and ± 2 °C deviation from - 40 °C to 105°C
  4. QFN24/QFN33 Small Package
  5. I²C with 1MHz Slave mode and non-stretch mode

*Only for M031G

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