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【New Product Release】IoT MCU with Chip-Level Physical Security and Complying with International Mainstream IoT Security Standards


  • 2021-02-25~2021-02-25

The security issues of every network-connected device pose new challenges for system developers. More and more national or regional network security supervision departments have proposed corresponding security standards and regulations. Nuvoton Technology debuts brand new NuMicro® M2354 microcontroller series products. In addition to inheriting NuMicro® M2351 Series security features that have passed Arm® PSA Certified™ Level 1, Level 2, and PSA Functional API Certified, M2354 Series endows the microcontrollers used by network-connected devices with the physical level (chip-level security) security protection function. Simultaneously, it satisfies the device's development and design requirements requiring low-power operation while performing secure networking.


2/25 3 PM (GMT+9)

  • Security Threats to IoT Environment
  • NuMicro M235x Secure IoT MCUs
  • Application Fields for NuMicro M235x
  • Multi-OS and Multi-Cloud Support for IoT Node Devices
  • Summary

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