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How to build an AIoT device for Smart Manufacturing


  • 2021-02-23~2021-02-23

Artificial intelligence, edge, and cloud computing make factory automation and Industry 4.0 smart manufacturing possible. These technologies can help manufacturers optimize production processes based on structured and unstructured data, analyze them, and share them across the entire ecosystem. However, all these cloud technologies must be rooted in every sensor, machine, test, and monitoring equipment. One of the keys to building a smart factory is to connect these sensors and devices, collect meaningful data, and provide necessary feedback to these devices. In this webinar, we will cover the following topics.

  1. Smart factory ecosystem: sensor, edge device, hub/ gateway, and cloud
    • Data collection
    • Machine learning and artificial intelligence
    • Feedback
  2. IIoT node
    • Dependency with cloud
    • IIoT hardware and software architectures
    • Case study
  3. Nuvoton IIoT solutions

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Time: 2/23 9 AM (Pacific Time)

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