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Security MCU Secures Your Intellectual Property And Storage Security


  • 2021-01-13~2021-01-13
In the next few years, there will be billions of consumer gadgets, home appliances, and industrial devices connecting to the internet. With the rise of IoT related applications, issues are also springing up. These connected devices become a gateway to our homes and workplaces to access sensitive data and even interact with our daily lives. While these smart devices are convenient for end users, they are also the target of the attack. Looking around a typical home, consider what happens even if the most common equipment is compromised: spy baby monitors and hacked garage opener.
Nuvoton will introduce the IoT security design considerations, which covers from device hardware and extends to the cloud. We will also use Nuvoton’s secure MCU M235x as an example to illustrate the security chain concept, the hardware-based root of trust, secure boot, IoT authentication methods, access and storage of credential information, and their implementations.

1/12 9 AM (Pacific Time)

Nuvoton Microcontrollers Ecosystem
NuMicro M235x Product Portfolio
Introduction to Nuvoton Secure Microcontroller Platform (NuSMP) and its Security Features
NuMicro M235x Application Fields
Multi-OS and Multi-Cloud Support for IoT Node Devices

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