Product Introduction

NuMicro M480 Series operates at up to 192 MHz and offers low dynamic power consumption which can be down to 130 μA/MHz. The power of RTC (VBAT) is less than 500 nA and the factory pre-loaded mask ROM enables Secure Boot functionality to protect firmware integrity against attack. Secure Protection ROM or eXecute-Only Memory provides a secured area for algorithm protection.

The M480 Series consists of six product lines:

M481 Base Series M482 USB FS OTG Series M483 CAN Series
M484 USB HS OTG Series M485 Crypto Series M487 Ethernet Series

Choose your product based on Flash size:

◆ Secure Protection ROM   ◆ USB full speed OTG PHY
◆ USB high speed OTG PHY ◆ Dual CAN Bus 2.0B
◆ Hardware Crypto Engine ◆ Ethernet MAC
◆ eXecute-Only Memory (XOM)   ◆ USB full speed OTG PHY (Crystall-less)
◆ Triple CAN Bus 2.0B ◆ Dual 5 MSPS SAR ADC
◆ Dual Quad-SPI ◆ Camera Interface
◆ AES-256/ TRNG

Video Resources

Reference Applications

HMI solution
featuring NuMaker-emWin-M487 platform
Machine learning application:
image recognition
connection platform
featuring NuMaker-IoT-M487

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