Great helper for seamlessly switching between multiple computers - KVM

Imagine a foreign exchange trader currently keeping a close watch on the changes in exchange rates around the world, getting ready to order transactions at any second, and he has multiple computer hosts on his long table; each host with the exchange rate connected is equipped with a monitor, a keyboard and a mouse. Do you think the trader will move around and miss an important transaction price, or cannot find the matching keyboard and mouse, or even use the wrong mouse or keyboard and this resulted in major transaction losses? This is why he needs a KVM switch to help him prevent the situations described above.

KVM switch, also called multi-computer switch, is generally abbreviated as KVM, which is an abbreviation using the first letters of the words keyboard, video and mouse; it is computer hardware that allows users to use one set of keyboard, monitor and mouse to control multiple computers. Special cables (usually USB or VGA cables) are used to connect the switch to the remaining computer hosts, then the switch on the KVM switch or buttons on the keyboard is used to switch between different computer hosts; the computer host currently being used can be switched to another selected computer host signal.

Now, Nuvoton helped KVM customers consider solutions for this application; the NuMicro® M480 series microcontrollers not only provide high and low pin count package models, but they also provide rich peripheral functions, able to satisfy the peripheral interface functions needed for KVM development. For example, there are multiple sets of high-speed SPI hardware, high speed 2.0 and full speed 1.1 OTG interfaces are also provided for USB, able to be used as hosts to connect hubs to achieve using one set of keyboard, mouse and monitor to operate multiple computers.

The following is a KVM application illustration using the NuMicro® M480 series microcontroller. By using the peripheral functions of the chip and the SPI and USB host terminal program reference examples provided by Nuvoton, the NuMicro® M480 series allows customers to quickly develop different KVM products and grasp market needs.