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NUC123LC2AE1 / Product Brief

/resource-files/PB_NUC123_Series_EN_Rev1.07.pdf NUC123 Series Product Brief DA03-NUC123

NUC123LC2AE1 / Data Sheet

/resource-files/DS_NUC123_Series_EN_Rev2.05.pdf NUC123 Series Datasheet DA00-NUC123

Video Center / NuMicro NUC123系列 NuMicro NUC123系列

Video Center / NuMicro NUC123系列: USB 應用 NuMicro NUC123系列: USB 應用

NUC123LC2AE1 / User Manual

/resource-files/RH_NUC123_CMSIS_BSP_Revision_History.pdf NUC123 Series CMSIS Board Support Package (BSP) Revision History UG0820121029110255

NUC123LC2AE1 / User Manual

/resource-files/UM_NuTiny-SDK-NUC123_EN_V1.01.pdf This document introduces how to use NuTiny-SDK-NUC123. UG0520120913161613

NUC123LC2AE1 / Schematic, PCB and Gerber file

/resource-files/ NuTiny-SDK-NUC123 Schematic, PCB, Gerber File & BOM HL0320120913161932

NUC123LC2AE1 / Board Support Package (BSP)

/resource-files/ The Board Support Package (BSP) CMSIS for NUC123 Series. SW1820210126093929

Product and Technology / Nuvoton NuMicro™ Family 32-bit Cortex™-M0 MCU Debuts a New Series-NUC123

NuTiny-SDK-NUC123 Hsinchu, Taiwan, Feb.18, 2013 - Nuvoton Technology Corporation announces the launch of NUC123 series-a new 32-bit Cortex™-M0 microcontroller with USB 2.0 Full Speed devices and a 10-bit ADC. The NUC123 series provides the high 72 MHz operating speed, large 20KB SRAM and 8 USB endpoints which make it powerful in USB communication and data processing. The NUC123 series is ideal for consumer electronics, industrial control, and communication system applications. The NUC123 series features 72 MHz high speed and supports 32-bit multiplier, structure NVIC (Nested Vector Interrupt Control), dual-channel APB and PDMA (Peripheral Direct Memory Access) with CRC function. In addition, the NUC123 series is equipped with flash memory ranging from 36 KB to 68 KB, SRAM from 12 KB to 20 KB, 8-channel 10-bit ADC, high-performance communications peripherals, such as UART, SPI, I2C, I2S USB 2.0 FS devices, and offers low-voltage reset and Brown-out detection, PWM (Pulse-width

NUC120/122/123/220 USB Series / Technical Reference Manual

/resource-files/TRM_NUC123_Series_EN_Rev2.05.pdf NUC123 Series-Arm Cortex-M0 core, 72 MHz, 36/68 KB Flash, 20 KB SRAM, 2.5V ~ 5.5V, USB 2.0 full speed device DA05-NUC123

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