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Nuvoton’s W55RFS27T1B is a fully integrated S-R (Super-regeneration) RF transmitter with full-function of baseband command encoder for application of R/C vehicle, toy, or wireless data communication.

W55RFS27T1B provides both uC-mode for general purpose of micro-controller programming interface and manual-mode for RF transmitter as well as 6-function of baseband command encoder.

W55RFS27T1B cooperate with W55RFS27R1B is very easy and convenient to provide simple remote control function with very low production cost in various application. The transmitter provides the FCC/ETSI regulation provisions for 27M, 35M, 40M, 49MHz S-R (Super-regeneration) modulation. Wide range of operation voltage from 2.2V to 5.5V is suitable for 2-battery or 3-battery R/C toy application, and high efficient transmission output power.

W55RFS27T1B is compliant to FCC part 15 class B and 15.227 / ETSI 300 220-1, making it easier for wireless end products to get FCC and ETSI compliance approval.