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Nuvoton’s W55RFS27R3C is a fully integrated S-R (Super-regeneration) RF receiver with full-function of baseband control command decoder for application of R/C vehicle, toy, or wireless data communication. W55RFS27R3C provides both uC-mode for simple logic interface to general purpose of micro-controller and manual-mode for baseband control command decoder.

 Manual-mode is designed with Nuvoton patented ChannelSharedWB protocol for multi-player  application. Up to 3 players is allowed simultaneously playing in the same frequency band. There are 6 function available in Manual-mode, i.e., Forward, Backward, Left-turn, Right-turn, and two other reserved function F1, F2 for light, horn or other control function.

uC-mode can be controlled by general purpose micro-controller to support R/C toy, or wireless data communication.

 The associate transmitter W55RFS27T3B  provides the FCC/ETSI regulation provisions for 27MHz, 40MHz, and 49MHz S-R (Super-regeneration) demodulation and wide range of operating voltage 2.1V ~ 5.5V for 2-battery or 3-battery R/C toy application.