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Nuvoton’s W55RFS27R1B is a fully integrated S-R (Super-regenerative) RF receiver with full-function of baseband control command decoder for application of R/C vehicle, toy, or wireless data communication.

W55RFS27R1B provides both uC-mode for general purpose micro-controller programming interface and manual-mode for RF receiver with on-chip 6-function baseband command decoder.

W55RFS27R1B provides Smart-DetectorWB function which overcomes component deviation, maintain the best receiver sensitivity in mass-production. Smart-DetectorWB is also capable of adjusting itself to fit various kinds of environmental problems. Some factors like temperature, moisture, or object caused antenna characteristic change could be recovered by the Smart-DetectorWB  function.

The Super-Regenerative RF front-end architecture is convenient for 27MHz ~ 49MHz manufacturing with minimum external components.  With wide range of operating voltage 2.1V ~ 5.5V, W55RFS27R1B is suitable for remote controlled toy on 2-battery or 3-battery application.

W55RFS27R1B cooperate with W55RFS27T1B is easy and convenient to provide simple remote control function with long control distance and low production cost.