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The ISD15C00 is a multi-message ChipCorder® featuring digital compression, comprehensive memory management, and integrated analog/digital audio signal paths. The message management feature is designed to make message recording simple and address-free as well as make code development easier for playback-only applications. The ISD15C00 utilizes winbond 25X/25Q series flash memory to provide non-volatile audio record/playback for a two-chip solution. Unlike other ChipCorder series, the ISD15C00 provides an I²S digital audio interface, faster digital recording, higher sampling frequency, and a signal path with SNR equivalent to 12bit resolution.

The ISD15C00 can take digital audio data via I²S or SPI interface. When I²S input is selected, it will replace the analog audio inputs and will support sample rates of 32, 44.1 or 48 kHz depending upon clock configuration. When SPI interface is chosen, the sample rate of the audio data sent must be one of the ISD15C00 supported sample rates.

The ISD15C00 has built-in analog audio inputs, analog audio line driver, and speaker driver output. The two analog audio inputs to the device are: (1) AUXIN has a fixed gain configured by SPI command, and (2) ANAIN/ANAOUT has a fixed gain amplifier with the gain set by two external resistors. ANAIN/ANAOUT can also be used as a microphone differential input (ANAIN/ANAOUT becomes MIC+/MIC-) in conjunction with an automatic gain control (AGC) circuit configured by SPI command. Analog outputs are available in three forms: (1) AUXOUT is a single-ended voltage output; (2) AUDOUT can be configured as either a single-ended voltage output or a single-ended current output; (3) BTL (bridge-tied-load) is a differential voltage output.

  • Operating Voltage: 2.7-3.6V
  • Package 48LQFP Green