Smart Home Audio(250)



The ISD94124CDI is Nuvoton’s Audio SoC based on embedded ARM® Cortex®-M4 core with DSP extensions and a Floating Point Unit which run up to 200 MHz.  It provides up to 512 KB of flash memory and up to 192 KB of SRAM.

The ISD94124CDI is also equipped with a variety of peripheral devices, such as Multi-Function Timers, Watchdog Timers, RTC, PDMA, UART, SPI, I²C, PWM, GPIO, 12-bit ADC, USB1.1 Device, Low voltage reset and Brown-out Detector.

The core features for ISD94124CDI Audio SoC includes audio I/O interfaces such as I2S, 12-bit SAR ADC Converter, DMIC input and Differential Audio PWM output.

Specifically, ISD94124CDI provides Audio SoC System Hardware, with Voice Recognition Capability.

Voice Recognition: 

Supports 32 Langues with Adaptation Tool
Embedded off-line local VR
Upto 100 commands 

Target Applications:

Audio Processing Platforms
Voice input product - remote control, light switch, and smart applicances
Industrial Automation
Smart Home - Voice HMI
USB/I2S Audio Bridge
Gaming Controller

Key Features:

  - Arm® Cortex®-M4 processor running up to 200MHz
  - 512 KB Flash
  - 192 KB embedded SRAM
  - 4 KB Flash for user program loader ( LDROM )
  - ISP / ICP / IAP programming
  - Built-in 48.0 MHz / 49.152 MHz selectable internal high speed RC oscillator (HIRC) for system operation.
  - External 32kHz crystal input for RTC function and low power system operation
  - Supports PLL upto 500MHz for high performance system operation
  - 4 channels 32-bit timer
  - 6 channels 16-bit PWM
Communication Interfaces
  - 1-set of UART interface
  - 1-set of SPI interface
  - 1-set of I²C interface
Audio Interfaces
  - Differential Audio PWM Output (DPWM), Supports Sample Rate from 16~96KHz
  Digital MIC Input
  - 1-set of I²S interface
  - Four I/O modes: Quasi bi-direction / Push-Pull output / Open-Drain output / Input with high impendence
  - Maximal 32 GPIOs
  - 12-bit SAR ADC
  - Multi-Function Timers, WDT, RTC
  - PDMA
  - USB1.1 Device Controller
Operating Characteristics
  - Wide voltage range: 1.8V to 3.3V
  - Temperature range: -40°C to 85°C
  - LQFP-64 (7x7mm)