Smart Home Audio(284)


The N32903R1DN is built on the ARM926EJ-S CPU core and integrated with JPEG codec, CMOS sensor interface, 32-channel SPU ( Sound Processing Unit ) , ADC , DAC, for meeting various kinds of application needs while saving the BOM cost.  The combination of ARM926 @ 200 MHz , synchronous DRAM, CMOS image sensor interface, USB 1.1 Host & USB2.0 HS Device makes the N32901R1DN the best choice for serial-to-WiFi and video baby monitor devices.

The N32903R1DN is well-positioned in terms of cost/performance for the applications which CMOS Image Sensor ( CIS ) interface is required.

To meet the different requirement of the overall system BOM cost, the different size of DRAM is stacked with N3290x main SoC into one package, that is, multi-chip package ( MCP ) .  The N32903R1DN is particularly designed with the 64-pin LQFP package and the 4Mbitx16 SDRAM is stacked inside the MCP.  Total BOM cost could be reduced by employing 2-layer PCB along with the elimination of damping resistors, EMI prevention components, etc. Advantages including, but not limited to, less PCB space, shorter lead time, and higher / reliable production yield.