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Smart Home Audio(317)


Nuvoton offers the emWin platform which is embedded with NuMicro® M0 MCU. The NuMicro® M0 MCUs includes built-in SPI or I²C hardware interface, which can be connected to OLED or TFT LCD display modules to quickly display monochrome or color graphic elements, making for designers to design and operate. The emWin platform includes NuMaker-emWin-NUC126 for users.

NuMaker-emWin-NUC126 Features

  • 32-bit Cortex-M0 NUC126VG4AE
  • 256 KB Flash / 20 KB SRAM
  • 2.4” ( 320x240 ) SPI mode LCD Panel
  • Five Direction Joystick
  • 4-Wire ADC Touch Screen
  • Arduino UNO Compatible Interface
  • CPU Speed up to 72 MHz


NuMAker-PFM-NUC126-V1.0 Nu_TFT V1.3 陰影


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*Ordering Number: NK-NUC126D

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