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NV_A1NV is Nuvoton's first commercialized gas sensor that can be operated at room temperature. The nanofilm structure of NUS_A1NV exhibits stable sensing performance for VOCs and reducing gases, and it does not require additional energy consumption to activate the sensing film. NUS_A1NV is packaged by HCLGA-4 method. It is suitable for continuous detection and stand-alone applications with strict requirements on power consumption and operating temperature. Its application in continuous environmental detection can perform various time-dependent data computations for e-nose and machine learning.


No heater design Being operated at room temperature (without the risk to operate at high temperature)
- Dynamic Operating voltage - Operating voltage < 5
- Selective gas detection - No responses to Alkane gas
- High linearity - No need to address logarithm and exponentiation
- VOCs detection - Respond to Ethanol, Acetone, Toluene, etc
- Standard HCLGA-4 package    
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