Smart Home Audio(284)


The NCT6792D-B is a member of Nuvoton’s Super I/O series capable of monitoring critical parameters in PC hardware including power supply voltages, fan speeds and temperatures. The NCT6792D-B supports both high accuracy current mode sensing and low cost thermistor mode sensing. The NCT6792D-B also supports the Nuvoton SMART FAN™ I and SMART FAN™ IV algorithms for fan speed control. The NCT6792D-B also supports the power fault alert function, which protects the system while the input voltages are abnormal.

The NCT6792D-B supports Printer Port, KBC, 2 UART and GPI/O.

The NCT6792D-B supports Intel® PECI, AMD® SB-TSI interface, AMD® CPU power on sequence, and Intel® Deep Sleep Well glue logic to reduce external support circuitry needed for Deep Sleep Well capability.

The NCT6792D-B also provides decode of Port 80 diagnostic messages on the LPC bus, two-color LED control to indicate system power states, Consumer IR function for remote control purpose, and power saving control function to further reduce the power consumption in the S5 state.